Wolfblood: Call of the Wild

The second thrilling WOLFBLOOD book - based on the smash-hit CBBC series!

On a snowy night on Stoneybridge Moor, three wild wolves pursue another lone wolf, closing in on him. Meanwhile, Maddy and her parents take shelter in their underground 'den', away from the full moon and the danger of transforming into Wolfbloods in the open air. When the young wolf is chased desperately to their house, they realise with shock that it's Rhydian - back from the wild, where he's been in self-inflicted exile with his mother and the 'wild' pack.

Danger is hot on Rhydian's heels, though. The pack leader, Alric, is hunting him, claiming that he broke their rules, that he tried to win the wolves around to being open to human ways. Maddy and her family must, once again, try to keep Rhydian safe, and protect the Wolfblood secret from being exposed. Things are complicated, though, with the arrival of another young wild Wolfblood - unkempt, feisty Jana, who poses a threat to Maddy in more ways than one . . .

Another thrilling and tense instalment in the CBBC WOLFBLOOD series.

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