Wish I Was There - I Was the Golden Girl of British Cinema... Then My Life Fell to Pieces. This is My Story

When Emily Lloyd burst onto the movie scene at 17 she was hailed as the next Marilyn Monroe. Her stunning performance as precocious Lynda Mansell in David Leland's coming of age drama Wish You Were Here thrust her into the spotlight and cemented the film's reputation as a British classic. Hollywood beckoned and Emily landed high profile roles alongside Bruce Willis and starred with Brad Pitt in Robert Redford's Oscar-winning epic A River Runs Through It. Yet beneath her smile Emily was fighting a crippling mental illness that threatened to destroy her.Now, in her searingly honest autobiography, Emily describes the incredible highs and earth-shattering low that she endured through a tumultuous acting career. She reveals how she overcame a traumatic childhood event to go on and win a BAFTA nomination; her agonising decision to terminate a pregnancy at the height of her career, not realising she was expecting twins; the thousands of dollars she lost to a fraudulent manager; her devastating malaise that derailed her career and led to suicidal tendencies and self-harm; and the shocking incident that served as a wake-up call. So much more than a Hollywood biography, Emily Lloyd's life story is both shocking and darkly funny.

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9781782196297 (03 Mar 2014)
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RRP £4.99