Unlocked Christmas Collection

All five sexy Unlocked Christmas eBook novellas in one amazing bundle!

Five sexy Christmassy stories, all in one place! The complete Unlocked Christmas Collection, for a brilliant price.

A crumbling stately home in the boring English countryside is precisely the last place New Yorker Ness wants to be this Christmas. Luckily for her, some sexy distraction is soon provided in the form of unbelievably irritating yet unbelievably hot local aristocrat Dominic Dumont...

LAST CHRISTMAS - Harriet Reuter Hapgood
Candy is in some serious need of cheering up this Christmas after a disastrous first term at Uni. And after picking a snowball fight with a gorgeous fellow student with a sexy Scottish accent, her steamy wishes might just come true...

SANTA BABY - Ali Cronin
It's Christmas, and also the end of Annie's first few weeks as a chalet girl. She really isn't in the mood for the group of posh boys who've just arrived, but one of them doesn't seem so bad - in fact he's definitely kind of cute! The temperature outside might be freezing, but things are about to hot up in Annie's chalet...

BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE - Catherine Cooper
Clara's first term at Uni has been going well - and she's picked up a few admirers along the way. She doesn't expect her flatmate's sister to be one of them though - and she certainly doesn't expect to feel the same way back...

Ella feels like her life is stuck in a rut, and she's far from looking forward to a Christmas spent waitressing at other people's parties. But when she meets a sexy, enigmatic and adventurous guest, it looks like there might be more than canapés on the menu...

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9781471403422 (05 Dec 2013)
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RRP £2.99