The Under a Croatian Sun - From grey Britain to a sunny isle: one couple's dream comes true.

Many of us have dreamed about upping sticks, leaving the humdrum of urban living for a new life of blue skies, warm sunshine and sparkling seas. For Anthony and Ivana Stancomb, moving from Fulham to Vis, the remotest island off the coast of Croatia, was easy, but fitting in with the locals was one of the hardest things they had ever had to do.Under a Croatian Sun takes the reader on a journey from the grey skies of Britain to a ramshackle village in Croatia - a village proudly defined by its tragic history, its unique café culture, its fishing, and its potent alcohol. Faced with a language barrier and not the friendliest of locals, little by little our undaunted couple become islanders in their own right, and a few hearts are melted in the process.With the Adriatic Sea as a backdrop, we trace their transformation from foreigners to friends, taking in their adventures with risky boats, fierce grandmothers, star-cross'd lovers and the establishment of Croatia's first ever cricket team. This warming account of following your heart not your head shows how, with a bit of courage and an open mind, home is wherever you make it.

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9781784180935 (05 Jun 2014)
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RRP £4.99