Sweet Shadows

by Tera Lynn Childs
Grace, Gretchen and Greer are three teenage descendants of Medusa who must unite and embrace their fates in a world where monsters lurk in plain sight.

The triplets are now reunited, but their battle against the monsters of the abyss rages on. And as if training to become fully-fledged huntresses weren't enough, the boys in their lives are causing them problems. Is Nick all he seems? And where's Thane? Grace is sure he's hiding something from her. As the girls discover more about their heritage, they find themselves in greater danger than ever.
Can they face up to the sacrifices they must make in order to fulfil their destiny?

The second book in the high-concept urban fantasy YA series.

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9781848779402 (01 Mar 2013)
RRP £6.99