The Stolen City

by Tom Eglington
Curious happenings and a web of intrigue beckon . . .

Bethany Chase is having an uneventful time, until a cat follows her and nearly causes her to be crushed to death by cakes. Soon life becomes increasingly strange - Bethany recognises a mischievous pooka causing chaos, but is distracted by some old, very short, friends who are looking for their stolen gold. They think Bethany can help and she reluctantly agrees to join them on a visit to their city in the spirit realm. It is the first of many bad mistakes. Bethany has no idea that she is caught up in a devious conspiracy in which even the most unlikely things may be connected . . .

Dark secrets and darker intentions lie in wait for her within the Stolen City.

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9781848120754 (20 Aug 2010)
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