Pranks, Bants & Whatev's FanBook

Packed with gamers, comedians and pranksters
This must-have book is the definitive list of the top vids, coolest channels and extreme creators on YouTube. Packed with everything you need to know about your favourite YouTube creators you'll also find top tips on the rising stars you need to subscribe to. There are top tens for the funniest, most epic and extreme channel categories including comedy, pranks, gaming, challenges and sport, plus loads of facts, stats, pics and tips for anyone who loves the awesome world of YouTube.

Discover who's who and what's what on YouTube. With profiles, pics and info about YouTube's top pranksters, comedians, tricksters, vine stars and gaming gurus, facts, stats and hacks on all the latest games, plus tips on how you can become a YouTube gamer, young gamers will want to put down their controllers and pick up this book. Get ready... let's play!

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9781783705566 (18 May 2017)
RRP £8.99