Mates, Dates and Flirting

Be Totally Irresistible – Every Girl’s Guide!
by Cathy Hopkins
Discover the secrets of flirting with the MATES, DATES girls! Lucy, Izzie, Nesta and TJ, are here to show you how to be totally irresistible.

Prepare to find out how to:

-get boys interested
-make the most of yourself
-send out the right signals
-read boys' body language

Using the girls' experiences as examples, the book is packed full of confidence-boosting tips and must-have advice on how to flirt successfully and safely. With mini quizzes and fun features, you'll soon learn how to bag the boy of your dreams - or just have fun being fabulously flirty!

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9781853409783 (24 Jun 2008)
RRP £5.99