Make a Memory Prom Night

46 photo cards for prom queens and kings
Add some extra style to your prom night with these fun and fabulous photo cards.

This book is full of fun and fabulous removable cards to boost your selfie game and inspire your prom night photos from picture ideas, to cards you can personalise and prom-themed challenges to complete. Simply pull out the card you want to use, then snap selfies and pose for pics to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fun photo cards include 'Dancing Queen', 'Cutest Couple' and 'Don't Touch the Tux'.

There are also cards you can personalise with your own messages. Use a wipe-clean pen to write on the cards, then wipe them clean to use them for next year's prom!

And there are challenge cards to inspire some prom night fun, such as 'Most Likely to...' quizzes, scavenger hunts and fun truth or dare games you can play with your BFFs, such as:

Truth or Dare... Prom Edition
Gather together your BFFs and see who is brave enough to answer the questions or take on the challenges!

Never Have I Ever
Find out more about your friends with this fun game. The loser's forfeit is a truth or dare.

Most Likely To...
Split in to three groups and decide who would win each category, then compare your answers with your friends!

Scavenger Hunt
Play this game in teams. At the end of the evening see which team has managed to tick off the most items on the lists.

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