Make a Memory #Mum Fails Photo Card Props

Capture those mum moments you may wish to forget!
The perfect gift for new mums and mothers-to-be. These hilarious Parenting Fails photo cards for Mums celebrate (and commiserate) the parenting milestones you don't want to forget. From the first time your baby vomits on you, to the moment they say their first rude word.

These photo cards are for those moments when you have to laugh. Simply place the photo card best relating to your current parenting fail in frame and take a photo. If there isn't a card to suit your unique disaster, customise the blank cards with a wipe-clean pen.

We recommend that you use a wipe-clean pen to write on the cards, then wipe clean to use the card again. Do not use a permanent marker to write on the cards if you wish to reuse cards another time.

Do not leave a baby alone with these cards.

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9781783708376 (24 Aug 2017)
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