Make a Memory Baby's First Photo Cards

Make a moment into a memory to keep forever.
Capture the moment with this fun new series that allows you to tag your memories in your photos before you upload and share. Simply choose and use the photo cards in this book to help you tell the story in your photographs and capture a memory or a moment that you can treasure forever. .

'Baby's First' contains 46 photo cards designed for your baby's special first moments. From their very first day and first trip home, to their first smile, first week and first tooth. And for those truly unique moments, there are blank cards for you to customise and make the moment your own.

The cards in this pack will help you tell your baby's special and unique story so you can share special moments with friends and family, and remember them forever.

Features 23 reversible cards - 46 photo cards to use.

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9781783706020 (16 Jun 2016)
RRP £9.99