Jepp, Who Defied the Stars

by Katherine Marsh
A thrilling historical epic with an unlikely teenage hero

Who says fate is written in the stars?

Set in sixteenth-century Europe, JEPP is the thrilling, romantic and in turns heart-warming and poignant story of a teenage dwarf limited not only by his height but by his destiny. Although he appears to be bound for a lowly life as a court dwarf, Jepp has ambition, and he dreams of becoming a scientist and marrying the woman he loves.

This highly original and unforgettable story is based on a real historical figure, and Jepp's story includes violence, love, astrology, astronomy, and even a beer-drinking moose. A Philippa Gregory for teens, JEPP is ideal for fans of adventurous, thought-provoking historical romance.

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9781471400162 (01 Nov 2012)
RRP £7.99