An Immoveable Solitude

Erik Hash thought he had everything he wanted in life. As the next-in-line to run his uncle’s shark diving company in Van Dyks Bay, South Africa, he spent his days with the calming roll of the ocean beneath his feet, privileged to share the otherworldly presence of the great whites with travelers from across the globe. Then Kiernan Callaghan stepped onto his boat and Hash knew he needed Kerry in his life, not just in his bed.

Kerry isn’t out, and he may never be comfortable kissing Hash in public, but Kerry loves him deeply. Three years later, they’re business partners who live together. With Kerry at his side, Hash’s life really is perfect.

Then in one night, Hash loses everything—his business, Kerry, and his desire to live. The victim of a violent hate crime, he leaves South Africa and takes a job aboard a private yacht to escape. But no matter how far he travels, he can’t get away from his memories of Kerry. When Hash encounters Kerry in Fiji three years later, he wonders if there’s something left for them to rebuild.

Reader Advisory: This book contains threats of sexual violence.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release by Totally Bound Publishing.

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9781786518903 (02 Jun 2016)
RRP £7.99