I HEART IT! #squadgoals

An I HEART IT! journal and activity book all about #squadgoals for BFFS. Plan it, live it, <3 it!
I Heart It! #squadgoals is a modern journal, activity book, scrapbook and planner all rolled into one keepsake format, that best friends can complete together and treasure forever.

This journal is the perfect place for you and your friends to record everything about your friendship; from the things you fave to your best moments and your future plans and of course your goals. There's plenty of space for you to write, doodle and glue in things, people, or places you and your friends heart, and there's lots of quizzes, lists and inspirational ideas to discover too.

There are sections to fill out, including: friendship stories, quizzes, goals and dreams, inspiration, event planning and many more. Use the heart stickers to 'heart' your words and pictures. Plus there's a year-long calendar for friends to fill with important dates, from birthdays and holidays to sleepovers and parties!

You and your BFFs can even create your own pages and glue them in to customise and create your own activities and pages and make this book your own.

Available Format

9781783708574 (01 Jun 2017)
RRP £9.99