I Heart It!

The 'I Heart It!' activity book is perfect for anyone who loves to create, be inspired and dream. Inside, prompted by different sections they can make lists, answer questions, doodle, dream and stick in pictures and words that inspire them. They can make this book their own.

Keep the book secret. Share the book with the world. Fill it with things you love.

'I Heart It' is a modern journal, activity book and scrapbook all rolled into one keepsake format.

Sections include: People I Heart, Places I Heart, Styles I Heart, Quotes I Heart, Friends I Heart, Books I Heart, Beauty I Heart, Music I Heart, Food I Heart, Movies I Heart, YouTubers I Heart, Dreams I Heart, Nature I Heart, Colours I Heart and Daily Inspiration.

Available Format

9781783706082 (11 Aug 2016)
RRP £9.99