Golf Stole My Brain - And Other Strange Golfing Tales

According to the legendary Sam Snead, golf is the most frustrating sport of all. ‘One day you are up on Cloud Nine and the next day you couldn’t scratch a whale’s belly,’ he once famously said. Like many of us who play the game, he understood that few sports offer more opportunity to make complete fools of ourselves than golf.For anyone from the most celebrated professional to the lowliest hacker, it can appear deceptively easy at times, and virtually impossible at others. Highlighting the idiosyncratic nature of the game and the often messianic fervor of those who play it, this collection of unique and often amusing tales will have you shaking your head in disbelief.From the European Ryder Cup star who claimed his rental house was haunted, to the German farmer who filed a lawsuit against a nearby golf club claiming they had ‘murdered’ thirty of his UK ?12.99 cows, absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds...The story of golf is full of wacky individuals who obsess over a missed putt or wayward drive. From the player who bet his life on a round of golf, to the complete novice who fancied he could take on the world’s best players in the British Open, this book celebrates some of the best and worst golfers ever to pick up a titanium 3 wood.The product of many years of research, Golf Stole My Brain contains a mass of little-known and hitherto unpublished stories. The same applies to the photography. Illustrated throughout with some of the most unusual images ever used, it’s entertaining, informative but above all fun. So take a look - you may even recognise someone you know!

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9781784189181 (05 Nov 2015)
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RRP £4.99