Dicing With Di

Mark Saunders and Glenn Harvey are celebrated paparazzi photographers, only photographing members of the royal family, especially Princess Diana. In this book they publish the most controversial photographs of their careers. Starting with the night Princess Diana retired from public life in December 1993, they reveal the background to some of the most famous royal photographs, including: Diana sneaking the married Oliver Hoare into Kensington Palace for a nightcap after a candlelit meal; Diana with Will Carling during a secret visit to Twickenham; and, the truth behind the infamous royal cellulite photographs. They also tell us how they climbed mountains to photograph Diana on her skiing holidays; about the day Diana asked building site labourers to get rid of them; about their travels in pursuit of the Princess to the West Indies, New York, Washington, Colorado, Martha's Vineyard, Paris and Florida; and, how their work sometimes results in head-on confrontations with her.

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9781857821604 (01 Nov 1996)
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