Deadly Kind Of Love

In October 2002, Susan Polk, a housewife and mother of three, was arrested for the murder of her husband, Felix. The arrest kicked off what would become one of the most captivating murder trials in recent memory, as police, local lawyers, and the national media sought to unravel the complex web of events that sent this seemingly devoted housewife over the edge.Now, with exclusive access and in-depth reporting, Catherine Crier turns an analytical eye to the story of Susan Polk, delving into her past and examining how over twenty years of marriage culminated in murder. Manoeuvring the murky waters of the Polk's marriage, Crier looks at the couple's unorthodox courtship. When Susan was in school, Felix, who was more than twenty years her senior, had been her psychiatrist, and it was during their sessions that the romantic entanglement began. From these troubling origins grew a difficult marriage and disturbing accusations of abuse from both spouses.With extraordinary detail, Crier dissects this dangerous relationship between husband and wife, exposing their psychological motivations and the painful impact that these had on their three sons.

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9781844545384 (31 Jan 2008)
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