A Creative Guide to Getting a Life

Caterer Carrie Sinclair thinks she has the perfect life and doesn’t need a relationship to complete it. Then, quite by accident, she comes across the man of her dreams. Tyler Bennedict is perfect boyfriend material—charming, sweet, rich and incredibly sexy. One night in his arms, and all her usual warning bells about men go silent.

She should have listened to those bells and to Aunt Mable. Enter Tyler’s real estate tycoon father. He makes it relentlessly clear that she is not the woman for his son, and comes up with creative ways to keep them apart until Carrie sees the light. In one fell swoop she swears off all men, closes her business and gets out of Austin.

But no matter how far or how fast she runs, the unexpected bumps in the road have a way of revealing the truth and turning her life—and her heart—completely around.

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9781786519276 (02 Jun 2016)
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