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  1. Dennis in Jurassic Bark
    Nigel Auchterlounie
    RRP £6.99
  2. Be Kind! Mindful Kids Global Citizen
    Stephanie Clarkson
    Katie Abey
    RRP £8.99
  3. Be Green! Mindful Kids Global Citizen
    Mandy Archer
    Katie Abey
    RRP £8.99
  4. Little Book for Big Changes
    Kirsten Liepmann|Karen Ng
    Mona Karaivanova

    RRP from £3.99

  5. The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes The Cherry in the Cake
    Sally Morgan
    Federica Frenna
    RRP £9.99
  6. My Hidden Chimp
    Professor Steve Peters

    RRP from £8.99

  7. Where's Mickey?
    Walt Disney Company Ltd.
    RRP £9.99
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